WA Arts and Culture

Fringe World Urban Orchard 2012 - Photo by Richard Jefferson.

The arts and culture sector develops imagination and innovation, and contributes to the artistic development, debate and experience of the Western Australian community. 

Engagement in culture and the arts has the capacity to enrich and transform individuals, communities, environments and WA. It is essential to our personal and community growth, and invokes a sense of belonging.

On this page you will find a broad overview and key statistics on cultural funding, employment, attendance and participation, and WA’s values and attitudes towards culture and the arts.


Arts Monitor

Arts and Culture Monitor 2018 Fact Sheet

Culture and the Arts (WA) commissions independent research consultants to undertake an annual survey of WA's value and attitudes towards culture and the arts.

Fact Sheet (PDF, 1Mb)

Survey Report (PDF, 1Mb)

Macquarie University Report

Integrating Art Production and Economic Development in the Kimberley, 2015-2016 

The Macquarie University study is part of a National Survey of Remote Indigenous Artists, which investigates how art and cultural production can provide a viable pathway towards economic empowerment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in remote towns, settlements and outstations.

Survey Report (PDF, 1Mb)

Cultural Attendance and Participation in Western Australia 2013-14

Cultural Attendance and Participation in Western Australia 2013-14 

This fact sheet presents the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data on cultural attendance and participation in Western Australia during 2013-14.

Fact Sheet (PDF, 705Kb)

WA Funding Statistics Fact Sheet 2012-2013

Cultural Funding by Government

‘The Cultural Funding by Government, Australia 2012-13’ publication reports on funding for arts and cultural activities by the three levels of government in Australia. It is produced annually for the Statistics Working Group by NCCRS in ABS.

WA Funding Statistics Fact Sheet 2012-2013 (PDF, 1Mb)

Cultural Funding by Government, Australia 2012-2013 (ABS)

Employment in Culture WA, 2011

Employment in Culture, WA 2011

This fact sheet represents employment data in the cultural sector in Western Australia as reported in the 2011 Census of Population and Housing produced by the ABS.

Employment in Culture, Western Australia 2011 (PDF, 1Mb)

62730_2011 Employment in Culture, 2011 - Western Australia (ABS)

Cultural attendance and participation in WA 2013-14 

Cultural expenditure by WA Government per person 2012/13

Employment in culture, Western Australia 2011