Sector reviews

Here & Now 13, Turtujarti-by-Lisa-Uhl-(Photo-Bo-Wong)

In 2016, Culture and the Arts (WA) initiated reviews of the writing and visual arts sectors in Western Australia to determine the future directions and opportunities for the sectors. Questions on either Sector Reviews can be directed to Culture and the Arts (WA)’s Research, Policy and Evaluation team at

Writing Sector Review         Visual arts review

In late 2016, the Department engaged a private sector consultancy to undertake a review of the Western Australian writing sector under governance of an independent reference group.

The resulting WA Writing Sector Review - Final Report and Conclusions was presented to the reference group in May 2017 and identifies issues and opportunities arising from recent policy and market changes.

The reference group has now prepared a response to this report detailing its recommendations based on the review findings.


Writing Sector Review

Consultant’s Review Report: 
WA Writing Sector Review - Final Report and Conclusions (PDF, 1Mb)


Reference Group's Report: 
Writing Sector Review Reference Group Recommendations (PDF, 299Kb)


In October 2016, the research paper Present State - An inquiry into the visual arts sector in Western Australia 2016 was released as a discussion platform for the first stage of the Visual Arts Sector Review.

The review was initiated to provide an insight into the state of the visual arts sector and provide decision-makers with a better understanding of the sector’s needs, priorities and options for future sustainability. 

A recommendation report addressing the findings of the discussion paper is being prepared for release later this year.

Present State

Present State - An inquiry into the visual arts sector in Western Australia 2016 (PDF, 1Mb)


Top image: HERE&NOW13, Turtujarti by Lisa Uhl (Photo by Bo Wong).