Culture Counts™

 Dream State Circus fire show in Gascoyne as part of the Gascoyne in May festivals. Photo by Anton Blume.

Culture Counts™ is a digital application and web portal system that collects and measures data from three groups: self (practitioners), peer and the public about a particular arts and cultural experience.

Culture Counts™ can also collect information in the same system on audience attendance, sponsorship, investment and profit so the quality of work can be analysed in relation to these variables.

Culture Counts™ collects information about the quality of an arts experience. The system is based around a set of core metrics which are answered by an organisation, their peers and the public to assess the quality of the experience, which can then be translated into the intrinsic value.

Our project partners have continued the further development of Culture Counts™ in Manchester, UK, where the tool has been tested extensively with very positive feedback from those involved. The interest and adaption of Culture Counts™ across the world will provide, for the first time, a standardised level of benchmarking of quality for arts organisations and funders.