Organisations Investment Program

The Organisations Investment Program (the Program) is an open and competitive recurrent funding program launched in 2015 to deliver public benefits across the artistic and arts/cultural sector; community and economy. Through the program, the Department currently supports 35 non-government, not-for-profit professional WA arts and cultural organisations under one of three categories with specific investment terms and periods.

Lead Organisations are professional organisations with a significant profile and acknowledged on a national and/or international level in regard to their art form or area of discipline. They are expected to pursue a leadership role in the sector, and are engaged to provide infrastructure and services of substantial scale and strategic significance for the WA arts sector and broader community.

Established Organisations are those with a strong record of artistic/cultural excellence, growing and engaging audiences and demonstrated ability to leverage partnerships and funding. Most organisations funded through the Program fall within this category.

Developing Organisations are emerging arts and cultural organisations considered to have strong potential and likely to benefit from stable investment and assistance in business planning, marketing and governance. They are expected to play a key role as generators of new ideas in arts form and cultural practice, offer new ways to engage audiences or communities, and demonstrate innovative operating models.

Over $9 million in funding was distributed through the program during the last financial year.

Announcement: Deferral of next Organisations Investment Program round.

The inaugural round of the Organisations Investment Program was held in 2015, with a subsequent round planned to open in 2018. This has now been deferred for 12 months to enable a comprehensive review of the program to be undertaken by the Department.

The review is intended to ensure the program is working effectively, provides value for money, and meets the needs of the State’s diverse range of arts and cultural organisations. The Department will undertake the review with consideration of factors such as State Government priorities and feedback from the arts and cultural sector.

Pending completion of the review, the program is expected to open for its next round of applications in March 2019, for funding commencing 1 January 2020.

Organisations not currently in receipt of recurrent funding through the Program can still apply for project funding through a DLGSC Culture and the Arts (WA) grants program.

Enquiries can be directed to the Organisations Investment team or phone 6552 7300.