Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Grants Program provides funding for activities that promote the participation and active engagement of Western Australian communities in arts and culture.


Grants are available for a range of activities that will deliver on one or more of the following objectives:

  • promoting or facilitating greater engagement of WA communities in arts and culture;

  • delivering artistic, cultural and social outcomes for the community through the arts;

  • providing opportunities for communities to create and share their stories;

  • encouraging communities to engage with and express their culture; and/or
  • increasing the relevance and accessibility of arts and culture within communities.

Apply for a grant

Check the program guide for information on who can apply, when to apply and eligible activities.

Check the key dates calendar for closing dates and to access the U-15k Business Day Calculator (if required).

Register or Log in to Online Grants to apply online.

Refer to the First Time Applicant Handbook for instructions on completing your application.

Contact a Grants and Programs Officer if you need assistance.