Commercial Development

The Commercial Development Grants Program supports the development and growth of sustainable, professional creative practice in Western Australia. Grants are available for a range of projects and activities intended to strategically develop commercial potential, increase business viability and extend the market reach of emerging and established creative industry professionals, artists, arts workers, cultural workers, creative businesses and organisations.


Grants are available for a range of activities that will deliver on one or more of the following objectives:

  • support contemporary design, arts and creative businesses that are recognised as high quality to access new commercial markets, increase audience capacity and develop new networks;

  • raise the profile of contemporary design, arts and creative businesses through promotional and marketing activities;

  • support eligible businesses to strengthen and develop the economic and cultural growth of the WA creative industries;

  • support professional and skills development of contemporary designers, artists, arts and cultural workers at different points in the life cycle of their business to strengthen commercial viability; and

  • develop commercial sustainability of creative businesses by increasing sales and business revenue.

Apply for a grant

Check the Commercial Development program handbook for information on who can apply, when to apply and eligible activities.

Check the key dates calendar for closing dates and to access the U-15k Business Day Calculator (if required).

Register or Log in to Online Grants to apply online.

Refer to the First Time Applicant Handbook for instructions on completing your application.

Contact a Grants and Programs Officer if you need assistance.

Funded Projects