Aboriginal Arts

The Aboriginal Arts Grants Program supports the long-term growth and sustainability of Aboriginal arts and culture in Western Australia.


Grants are available for a range of activities that will deliver on one or more of the following objectives:

  • promote or facilitate greater engagement of Aboriginal communities in the arts;

  • encourage the expression of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal culture, individuality, spirituality and empowerment through the arts;

  • encourage the involvement of Aboriginal arts expertise, skills, knowledge and resources;

  • support long term skills development goals for Aboriginal artists, arts workers and communities;

  • support Aboriginal cultural maintenance; and

  • deliver artistic and social outcomes for Aboriginal communities through the arts.

Apply for a grant

Check the Aboriginal Arts program handbook for information on who can apply, when to apply and eligible activities.

Check the key dates calendar for closing dates and to access the U-15k Business Day Calculator (if required).

Register or Login to Online Grants to apply online.

Refer to the First Time Applicant Handbook for instructions on completing your application.

Contact a Grants and Programs Officer if you need assistance.

Funded Projects