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ScreenWest in world first crowdfunding project

13 Dec 2012

Culture and the Arts Minister John Day today announced the State Government’s world-first crowdfunding initiative - called 3 to 1 - had gone live and attracted the support of Hugh Jackman.

Mr Day said ScreenWest was leading the country with its innovative ways of supporting digital content by showing Western Australia’s talented creative people to the world. 

“The 3 to 1 project will allow the public to voice their opinion on what films, web series and interactive projects should be made in Western Australia and I encourage everyone to support our artists and have their say in what gets made in our State,” he said.

“More than 25 WA projects have been loaded on the Pozible website for the public to view and pledge money towards; ScreenWest will contribute triple the funds pledged, effectively quadrupling the project’s budget, once a team meets their nominated target.

“Teams must raise between $5,000 and $50,000 to trigger $15,000 through to a maximum of $150,000 contribution from ScreenWest.”

The Minister thanked high profile WAAPA graduate Hugh Jackman who has endorsed the initiative and released a video urging the public to visit the site and pledge to 3 to 1.

“Each project will have a set time frame - up to a maximum of 90 days - to reach their funding target, although the $250,000 will be allocated on a ‘first past the post’ basis,” Mr Day said.

“Some projects will also proceed in a scaled-down version, using crowd-funded pledges once the pool is exhausted. The result will be more creative work, all chosen by audiences.” 

These projects have been through a ScreenWest assessment process to ensure that the teams have the capacity to deliver. To access the ScreenWest funds, a project must be delivered on a digital platform and have a minimum of 40 pledges.

Hugh Jackman’s video can be viewed at

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