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Professor Alan Robson to chair museum board

15 Dec 2011

Culture and the Arts Minister John Day today announced three changes to the WA Museum board including the appointment of Professor Alan Robson AM as chair for a four-year term.

“As we move towards to the construction of a new museum in the Perth Cultural Centre, I am pleased to welcome new members to the board that will bring added enthusiasm and a range of diverse skills,” Mr Day said.

“In his role as vice-chancellor of The University of Western Australia, Professor Robson has proven his passion in the areas of education, science and culture. His commitment in these fields will make him a strong leader of the board.”  

Other appointments to the board include new members Ian Fletcher and Irene Stainton and the re-appointment of Steve Scudamore.

“Mr Fletcher brings a wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors from his previous position as chief of staff to former Premier Richard Court and more recently with BHP Billiton,” the Minister said. 

“Ms Stainton is very familiar with the workings of the WA Museum, having been chair of the museum’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee for 11 years; she brings a strong understanding of the unique cultural heritage of our State.

“Mr Scudamore’s expertise in the area of financial management has made him a valuable member of the board and chair of the museum’s Finance and Audit Committee and I am pleased that he has been re-appointed for a further term.”
In welcoming new board members, Mr Day acknowledged the significant contribution of the outgoing chair Tim Ungar and board member Tracey Horton.

“Mr Ungar has been a strong leader of the board over the past seven years and has steered the museum through some key decisions including the appointment of a new chief executive and completion of the business case for the new museum,” he said.

“Similarly, Ms Horton has served as a dedicated board member for six years and I am delighted that she will stay on as chair of the WA Museum Foundation.”