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New policy guides cultural infrastructure planning in Western Australia

11 Oct 2012

The Department of Culture and the Arts has released a policy that provides direction for cultural infrastructure planning for arts and culture in Western Australia.

Cultural Infrastructure Directions 2012-2014 (CID) will assist the State Government in its coordination and decision making about what is essential to effectively deliver arts and culture in Western Australia.

“This policy provides a strategic roadmap for cultural infrastructure, outlining the principles and guidelines that need to be considered when planning for and investing in cultural infrastructure,” DCA Acting Director General, Jacqui Allen said.

“CID redefines what is meant by cultural infrastructure.  Together, people, technology and buildings form the foundation necessary to create and engage in culture and arts.

“Each one of these elements is fundamental to cultural infrastructure and equally important.”

Ms Allen said that a building only became a purposeful space when there were the people with expertise and skills to create and deliver product and the technology to make it accessible.

“CID provides a practical guide for communities to understand and plan for their own needs and interests, and to identify the unique requirements of arts and cultural activities.

“This reflects the public values adapted by the Department of Culture and the Arts to support creativity and engagement across WA.”

The Department of Culture and the Arts will use CID in its planning and to inform partnerships with local government, the arts sector, not-for-profit  organisations and other government agencies.

It is envisaged that CID will influence planning in Western Australia across all levels of government, all of whom play a part in the provision of cultural infrastructure.