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DCA's Priority Projects 18-month progress report released

30 Jan 2012

Following the release of the Department of Culture and the Arts’ (DCA’s) Creating Value Policy  in 2010, DCA announced a number of priority projects to be delivered in addition to our core business in 2010 – 2012. 

Supporting DCA’s public value principles of creativity and engagement, the projects focus on achieving outcomes in the areas of Creative People, Creative Communities, Creative Economies and Creative Environments.

Many of these projects have progressed significantly since the 12-month update was released in May 2011.

With a commitment to report on the projects every six months, the 18-month progress report is now available. 

Progress highlights include:

  • Funding Process Review Stage Two: The testing phase of the Public Value Measurement Framework is complete and it will now undergo a national and international peer review.
  • The Philanthropy Incentive Program, an initiative of DCA and the Australia Council for the Arts promoted through Artsupport WA, has led to the establishment of $4million of private funds accessible to the arts.
  • The Commonwealth Festival, managed by DCA during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, showcased the largest collection and representation of WA Indigenous art seen at one time in Perth through Revealed, Yiwarra Kuju and the Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards.
  • A project brief for mapping the digitisation activity of the culture and arts portfolio and key funded organisations has been approved and funded. The study will be commissioned in February 2012. 
  • DCA and ScreenWest will be providing additional funding for projects developed from the 2012 X|Media|Lab.
  • The Solid Arts website supported by DCA now has uploaded audio and video advice on contracts, moral rights, copyright and intellectual property.
  • In 2010-2011, DCA and the Department of Finance, Building Management and Works’ Percent for Art Scheme supported projects in the construction phase to a total of $4,157,477. A new Arts Coordinator Panel has been selected and the inaugural annual report on the program has been published.

For information on DCA’s priority projects, please download the full report