DLGSC works across Government to increase awareness of WA arts and culture and identify opportunities for the involvement of our artists and arts organisations in overseas promotions.

A key means by which DLGSC develops its inter-government networks is through representation on various across-Government committees. These committees include; the Overseas Offices Board Inter-Agency Coordination Group, G'Day USA Committee, the Export Allies Group and other committees associated with the Western Australian Global Network.

The growing demand for DLGSC's membership on across-Government committees demonstrates the acknowledgement by other Government agencies of the important role of the arts in export, investment attraction, public diplomacy and cultural exchange.

DLGSC's networks encompass local, State and Australian Government agencies as listed below:

Western Australian Government Global Offices (WA Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation)

Assists international trade and investment via Perth-based regional desks and thirteen international offices located in the State's key trading regions and managed by Market Development Specialists.


Australian Government's trade and investment development agency, Austrade, provides export and international business advice from more than 110 locations in over 60 countries. General information is provided free of charge through the website or by speaking with an export adviser on 13 28 78.  Specific tailored advice is provided based on a quote in advance.   

Austrade offers an Export Market Development Program (EMDP) and has compiled the Guide to Exporting from Western Australia to assist aspiring exporters. 

Contact Austrade.


AusIndustry is a specialist program delivery division within the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education. It delivers many business programs worth about $2 billion each year, including innovation grants, tax and duty concessions, small business development and venture capital. Ausindustry has customer service managers in more than 20 offices across Australia, including 15 regional offices.

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Provides foreign and trade policy advice to the Australian Government while also managing overseas embassies and matters related to passports, visas, customs, travel warnings and international government agreements.

The website provides all you need to know on embassy locations and contact details and country information.

Sister City Affiliations

Sister City relationships are local government relationships that encourage the development of international peace and goodwill. They can also lead to economic growth, increased tourism and cultural development. The Australian Sister Cities Association keeps a register of all Australian affiliations.

For details of Sister City relationships relevant to your local area, please contact your local government organisation.