About Us

The purpose of the Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) is to foster the cultural development of Western Australia through the provision of quality services and funding programs, and the implementation of Government policies and initiatives.  

On July 1, 2001 the name was re-designated to Department of Culture and the Arts under Section 35 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 as a result of a Machinery of Government Review.

DCA is organised into five directorates:

Office of the Director General 
The Office of the Director General is responsible for ministerial liaison, government relations, strategic and operational planning, Ministerial and performance reporting, project management, business improvement, legal, risk management and business continuity. The Office also includes Corporate Affairs, Human Resources and Audit and Review.

Arts and Cultural Development
The Arts and Cultural Development directorate is responsible for the provision of expert advice, research and policy leading to the effective funding and development of the arts and culture sector. The directorate develops and manages DCA’s strategic partnerships across government and the arts and cultural sector, undertakes research and evaluation towards the development of policy and implementation of related programs, and manages government investment in the sector through organisations funding, project funding and administration of related systems and processes.

The Infrastructure directorate is responsible for ensuring the alignment of government investment in cultural infrastructure with the strategic and business needs of the Culture and Arts portfolio, through the effective planning, delivery and management of infrastructure projects and programs for the portfolio. The directorate oversees the delivery of major infrastructure projects such as the New Museum Project, as well as the maintenance of over 40 buildings in the Culture and Arts portfolio, many of which have significant cultural and heritage value.

The Financial Services directorate provides strategic financial management, budgeting and advisory services along with transactional finance and procurement support to the DCA and portfolio organisations.

State Records Office
The State Records Office is responsible for administration of the State Records Act 2000 which regulates whole of government recordkeeping and management of the State archives collection.